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We strongly believe that computer maintenance and repairs are a necessary fact of life in the modern age, but that they needn't cost more than a new computer.  We also feel that there is still room in Austin for a company that stands by its word.  We don't believe in service contracts, but instead work with our customers on a handshake basis and serve at their pleasure.  This keeps us sharp and in the frame of mind of continually earning their business. 


We have been able to keep our rates low relative to the market by working from offices in our homes, leveraging our investment in the latest in devices including portable wifi hotspots, smart phones, tablets and laptops and in using remote access solutions to allow us to be in many more places in a day than would be physically possible otherwise.  Our rates as of 1/1/2023 are:

Residential/501(c)3 non-profit organizations                 $145 per hour

Commercial                                                                $180 per hour

Many of the more common services performed in our shop are done at flat rate prices to save our clients even more.

Please call us for a flat rate or hourly quote for your next project.